Minecraft CivilizationCraft 1.76 – The Modern Age Official Release

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There is a new official release of the Minecraft Server Plugin, CivilizationCraft, Version 1.76 The Modern Age. This update brings a lot of new structures, a handful of new gameplay changes, and a bunch of bug fixes.

One of the biggest changes to MineTexas CivilizationCraft is the Era system. This system revolves around the research portion of CivilizationCraft, with Era’s being achieved as the civ progresses through the era’s on the technology tree. The Era system adds one very important feature: the server has a “Highest Era” among all of the civs. Each other civ who is below the same Era as the highest Era Civ will receive a discount on the beaker and coin cost of all research projects they undertake.

The next major change is to the Anarchy time period when switching Governments. As of v1.76, the period of Anarchy is dynamic. The Anarchy Period is determined by the number of residents in all the towns in the Civilization (1 hour per resident). That’s the bad news. The good news are some ways to reduce the penalty: The Notre Dame Wonder reduces the penalty by one half hour for all residents. The new Broadcast tower structure reduces the penalty by one half hour for each resident in a town that has one. And finally there is a minimum of 10 minutes of anarchy.

This update brings back the colored relationship names above players’ heads to indicate their relationship to your civ: Ally, Neutral, Hostile, War, Outlaw.

Official Patchnotes:

This version is not compatible with SQL tables or /data/*.yml files from previous versions
New Subvert Government Espionage Mission
New Tech Era’s: Civ’s will advance between the different Eras and will show notifications when a new era has been achieved.
Each new Era achieved will reduce the cost of technology for the previous eras for all other Civs.
New Soft Dependency on TitleAPI (included in download)
Bring Back Colored Relationship names (Requires iTag 1.1.4 and latest ProtocolLib)
Add several new titles, as well as a ‘res toggle’ command to turn them all off. These include: Chunk Notifications (Town, Civ, Wilderness), War Start & Stop, Daily Upkeep Tick, Trade Repo, Civ Captured, Civ Created.
New Structures: University, Public School, Research Lab, Tesla Tower, Broadcast Tower, Museum, Stadium, Hospital
Re-arranged the Tech Tree
New Technologies: Education, Electricity, Fertilizer, Radio, Biology, Archaeology, Plastics, Refrigeration, Military Science
War Time will now skip if there are no wars.
Teleporting into other Civs/Camps is permission based now.
Add Gunpowder to Trade Ship
Limit access to the War Room’s /prev and /next signs to Mayors, Assistants, Leaders and Advisers.
Adjust armor values to account for vanilla defense values in 1.8
Refactor the Trommel to be affected differently by government
Reworked Government Anarchy Time.
Greatly reduce cost of War Cannons.
Econ commands can now be run from the console.
Disable Glass template preview from showing during war time.
Another pass on balance for Trade Ship Values
Update export.js to work with newer world-edit versions.
Add support for adding more custom template sets without the need to recompile the whole plugin.
Add in all current Custom Templates
Change Permissions nodes for template sets
  • civ.perk.hell – Grants the Hell Template perks
  • civ.perk.roman – Grants the Roman Template perks
  • civ.perk.egyptian – Grants the Egyptian Template perks
  • civ.perk.aztec – Grants the Aztec Template perks
  • civ.perk.arctic – Grants the Arctic Template perks
  • civ.perk.atlantean – Grants the Atlantean Template perks
  • civ.perk.medieval – Grants the Medieval Template perks
  • civ.perk.elven – Grants the Elven Template perks
  • civ.perk.cultist – Grants the Cultist Template perks
Prevent players from unclaiming chunks under the capitol or town halls.
Add new War Horse to the Stable, Requires Military Science.
Added horse armor and rebalanced horse prices and hitpoints, and added Damage Reduction.
Bought Horses now spawn tamed and with a Saddle
Restore V2 Capitols, update the templates to V2.1
Disable Beacon Blocks
Protect Trade Good Signs
Add restrictions on new Ships to only be built on water.
Add lots of new items to the Global Market
Trade Goodie Repo time is now more configurable
Fix an NPE on first Login
Fix an NPE with Damage
Fix an NPE with the Trade Ship
Fix the glass template preview not being removed on cancel.
Fix an issue that would cause the plugin to spend extra cycles on the SQL Update call. (Performance improvement)
Fix the Tutorial’s Camp Door and Civ Flag Recipes not working.
Fix NPE’s in the Grocer, Farm, Trade Ship, and Mob Grinder
Fix an issue with wars not being removed after war time.
Fix an issue with the Pearls buff.
Fix some issues with demolishing walls and roads.
Fix an issue with Town Upgrades not re-loading on restart or rebuild.
Fix an issue with the Cannon Ship not firing.
Fix an issue with the Fire Bomb buff being 100% instead of 10%
Fix an issue with captured Civs still being at war
Fix an issue with the Stable unable to spawn horses during war time
Fix an issue with the Great Pyramid culture buff
Fix an issue with TNT being used against non-at-war civs during war time.
A big thank you to everyone who helped test the last few beta versions and submitted bugs.

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